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Human driven story


I'm here to tell stories about people in honest and relatable ways.
To create empathy, excitement, and inspiration.

As a cinematographer - I've traveled the globe from Alaska to South America to Germany. As an editor - I've worked on projects for Fortune 500 companies to non-profits. No matter the size of the company - I strive to bring humanity to the forefront and tell compelling stories that drive brands and organizations.

I enjoy working on documentary-style short films. I'm passionate about sharing stories of the everyman. Stories that are often less heard - about the everyday struggles and triumphs of those around us. Stories of the working men and women who provide the necessities that make the world around us function. Those pushing against the grain, challenging the status quo, and working to do things the right way even if it's not the easy way.

I call home Longmont, Colorado - as a transplant from Central Illinois. You'll find me in the mountains when I'm not at my desk or behind the camera.
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